Tools & Technology used for DARE

Brochure for the Vanguard Scanner used by Bureau of Meteorology  scanning historical records.
FileRenamer: computer software to rename the imaged files from a camera generated name to a name that reflects the content of the image file and to archive multiple files into directories on a PC (minimal cost for an annual license).
Strip Chart Digitization
Weather Wizards, a digitization program developed for IEDRO for chart digitization.
Weather Wizards video clip, an explanation of the IEDRO strip chart digitization program.
Text extraction
Optical Character Recognition, free online:
pdftools The pdftools package allows for extracting text and metadata from pdf files in R.


Reading and converting obsolete data
  - (audio, video, film media)
  - Peer Hechler, WMO; e-mail: (magnetic tapes, old diskettes)

R-Climdex: routines for computation of extreme climate indices
  - R-Climdex used by ETCDDI (Expert Team on Climate Change Detection and Indices)
  - R-Climdex used by PCIC (Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium)

Data restoration from old electronic media
An expert to advise on and assist in data restoration from old electronic media is Chris Muller, email

E-learning material on "Weather Reconstruction", related to data rescue, processing, QC, reanalysis, downscaling and application, developed by the team of Stefan Brönnimann (University Bern), see