Pakistan's Climate Data Rescue

Although the Climate Data Centre of PMD currently stores digital form of climate data of more than 100 locations of Pakistan & for some parameters more than 100 years of period. Most of the existing digital form of data, almost all major parameters, is of monthly averages and daily values recorded at three mandatory hours, including once a day recorded parameters of maximum & minimum temperatures. Still, a huge volume of data in paper form, especially remaining recent synoptic hours and other data prior to year 1961, which is lying on three different locations needs to be archive. Paper form of data are being destroy due to frequent use, deterioration of medium and the unfavorable condition of the environment where these are kept. There is need to rescue this precious dataset faster, first by creating inventory and then by making digital-images into computer compatible format. PMD is looking forward for potential financial & technical assistance to establish a Data Rescue (imaging) facility at two locations of Pakistan (Karachi & Lahore), where millions of pages of historic data dating back to 1880s can be digitally photographed and saved. Once the imaging is accomplished, the data can be keyed-in and quality controlled with already on-going digitization with existing PMD sources, which also needs to enhance and expand adequately.

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