Irish climate stations 1855 to 1960 data rescue

Met Eireann library holds the registers of Irish Meteorological Data from 1855-1960. This consists of 224 bound volumes, 128 folders, c. 353 folios. The data was read daily, with between one and four observations per day depending on f the station. The following stations have been imaged and in collaboration with the Central Statistic Office transcribed once; Phoenix Park 1829-1959 Blacksod Bay 1884-1956 Roches Point 1873-1956 Malin Head 1885-1955 Valentia 1873-1914 Birr Castle 1872-1951 Fitzwilliam Square 1911-1930 Birr Telegraph Station 1880-1889 Markree Castle 1869-1968 Double entry has commenced on numeric Phoenix park data. The double entry and  checking is completed for the period 1880-1959.A PhD student, Carla Mateus, NUI, Galway, Ireland has rescued 12 long term and 21 short temp maximum and minimum temperature series. This data has been published and is available Mateus, C, Potito, A, Curley, M. Reconstruction of a long‐term historical daily maximum and minimum air temperature network dataset for Ireland (1831‐1968). Geosci. Data J.. 2020; 7: 102– 115. Dataset Identifier: on data transcription has also been published; Mateus, C., Potito, A. and Curley, M. (2020), Engaging secondary school students in climate data rescue through service‐learning partnerships. Weather.

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