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Met Éireann library holds a collection of 'Climatological Observations' for approximately 40 sites in Ireland, dating back to 1855. These cover temperature, wind, rainfall, solar radiation, snow and sunshine.The library also holds a collection of rainfall records from volunteer rainfall stations, dating from c.1863 - c.1940.  Daily values and monthly values are given for a range of stations across the 26 counties.  Some readings are returned for the six counties of Northern Ireland. The library holds a collection of diaries and papers written by E.W.Montagu Murphy.  E.W.M. Murphy founded the Irish Rainfall Association in 1918 with the aim of encouraging observation in Ireland, establishing new stations, publishing records and establishing a national organisation.   At first its activities were confined to Munster but they were extended in 1920 to include all Ireland, North and South. This collection was bequeathed to the Irish Meteorological Service in 1966 by Ms Kathleen Murphy, sister of E.W.Montagu Murphy. The archive consists of published material, personal diaries, weather diaries, unpublished calculations, averages and analysis,

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