Mission Statement


  • The I-DARE Portal is envisioned as a global centre of excellence in recovering climate heritage and making it available in the state of art and digital format for research, applications and climate services.


  • The I-DARE Portal is a collaborative framework on sharing information, best practices, know-how, guidance, metadata on data rescue projects and activities worldwide.
  • The I-DARE Portal provides a single entry point for accessing information on the status of climate data being digitized or in need of recovery and digitization.
  • The I-DARE Portal will enable collaboration among organizations, development agencies, donors, scientists, NGOs, citizens, to work on the data recovery and digitization of climate heritage which is at risk of loss forever.
  • The I-DARE Portal through above and capacity building responds to the need for accelerating data rescue in support of climate assessment and adaptation, risk management and disaster risk reduction.